What Is Proodu

Proodu Learning is an online educational services company that offers tutoring and educational materials for math and science courses. We seek to help those that have difficulty understanding the concepts covered in their classrooms, as well as the progressive students that wish to keep ahead of the curve.

What Is Online Tutoring

Proodu Learning uses technology to tutor students via live video streams and applications which allows students to work on problems assigned to them by their tutor. At any time during the session, students ask their tutors for clarification on concepts, just as they would in a traditional session. Using Proodu Learning, students will no longer be bound to being present at any specific physical location – they may receive tutoring anywhere they have access to high-speed internet.

The VUEP Program

Proodu Learning follows a special program (VUEP) in order to strengthen students in areas that they are not strong. VUEP is a structured lesson plan that covers the important vocabulary, applications of concepts in real-life situations, examples demonstrated by the tutor, and practice work completed by the student. By following VUEP, students become familiar with study techniques which they may use for any fashion of learning.