Hello Class. Meet Technology

It’s as if we’re actually there

Relax, Watch, and Learn

Powered by technology from the good folks at Sketchboard.io, tutors lead their lessons by example. Students watch and participate via an endless, virtual whiteboard.

Sharing Worksheets For Practice

Using Google Docs, students can receive worksheets to practice the concepts covered during their sessions. Most document readers allow students to fill out sheets right from their computer or tablet.

Strong structures require foundation

Like root rot in trees, most problems begin at the foundation.

Getting On The Right Track

We like to quiz students to check for missed concepts before we begin newer material. This usually helps speed up the process of getting them back on the right track.

Progress is a process we track

It is important to track the progress of each student. Each session begins by noting a goal or concept to conquer. At the end of each session, students receive a progress sheet that contains the concepts covered, and the tutor’s analysis of the student’s comprehension.